Volunteer Application
The Blaine community thrives on its dedicated volunteers. We want to continue the tradition of having a strong sense of service in our school while maintaining the safety of the children at all times. Because of this, it is imperative that ALL parents and caregivers who want to volunteer for any role at the school go through the CPS Civic Core application and approval process. There are two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. It is required that ALL volunteers are Level 2 certified and highly encouraged that they become Level 1. This includes readers and volunteers in the classroom, field trip chaperones, special events volunteers such as at Blaine Flix and the Blaine Walk-a-Thon, kiss n go helpers, lunchroom and recess volunteers, etc. No one may work with the students or in the school at all without being at least a Level 2 approved volunteer. Blaine is encouraging all volunteers, especially those that are in the school more than 10 hours per week to become a Level 1.

In order to be considered as a Blaine volunteer, please complete this on-line application. The Level 2 application process consists of filling out paperwork and then waiting a couple of weeks for approval. Because of this waiting period it is important that you fill out the application as soon as possible! Field trips and other activities are already being planned and need volunteers. Get approved now so you can help!

The Level 1 process is a bit more arduous, but for any parent or caregiver that will be alone with students on school grounds or if you are in the school for more that 10 hours per week it is necessary. The process consists of filling out paperwork, having a TB test done, and getting fingerprinted. This process can take time so if you need this level of certification please start now!

For those of you who have completed this process previously there is a chance you are still certified, but also a chance that you are not. The CPS system for volunteer applications changed and for any number of reasons you may no longer be certified. To check on your status or for more information about this process please email Tiphani Olson in the front office.